Thursday, April 21, 2011

Surveying the land (Belief)

Took a bit of time to slink away and take a breather. One can only be distant and quiet in one place for so long, you know?

I've been walking around for maybe twenty minutes now, and well...

Nothing notable. No symbols, no creepy fog, nothing. And my little feeling earlier was just that, a feeling. I fell asleep, didn't dream, and awoke. Starting to think I'm just...

Well, going crazy. Like Charlie Sheen, except I'm hopped up on horror stories and nightmare fuel and not, you know, ludicrous amounts of undefined drugs. And tiger blood.

I even checked my phone for those texts, but... Not there. Gone.

I know plenty of people have seen this stuff, and there's visual proof... That I at least hope is real.. And yet..

Starting to doubt if I'm in my right mind. I could just be seeing things I want to see... And I'm lacking what little hint to something else I had, so...

Figure I'll sleep on it or something.

Going in. (Hotel)

Well, two things of note here. First, Sister's saying she hasn't seen anything odd, but has been dreaming of freaky shit and silent forests since the fire. Seems a few of her friends saw something tall and oddly proportioned at recess the day of the fire.

Second, the hotel's pretty nice, comfy bed, and on the third floor too! Far too many damn trees though. I mean goddamn, woods right across the street. But past that, nothing too alarmi...

Oh son of a BITCH, mystery-messenger sent something else. It's not even notable, just says "to the" over and over. So... I guess thus far the message is "Welcome to the..."

Wonder what it'll say.

... In before the doors bleed, an alien vagina face-fucks me and old Firetruck-limbs does a frisky jig as everything flip-turns upside down and I'm suddenly in Silent fucking Hill except the fog consists of syrup.

Also, Daleks instead of Pyramid Head because why not?

Passing Home. (Message)

...Passed the old place just now, sister's been puking and coughing since we got close. I got a text from... I don't even know. Number was just 0000000000.

Said "welcome", over and over without any spaces.

Looks like I've either been helpful or I'm going somewhere... "fun". And I mean Dwarf Fortress kind of fun. Adamantine level fun. Minecraft without torches in a cave fun.

If you weren't sure, I mean this won't end well. I feel that familar creeping feeling in the back of my mind, like I'm about to drift off to sleep or hallucinate. So that's nice too.

Signals... (Drive)

On our way to the hotel now.. Starting to think I'm either mad or correct.

...Really hoping I'm just some loon. Least then it'd be easier to get stories published.

Driving through Atlanta, well... I saw that same symbol from engineering in three different tunnels. Wasn't able to get a photo, too dark. And... I guess I should call it the Operator Symbol, shouldn't I? Ah well, next time.

Anyway, call it me being genre savvy, but I've got a bad feeling about this hotel...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

...A poem. (Comfort)

...Can't seem to get to sleep tonight, might have something to do with the fact I'm not really in a bed as I type this. Starting to remember just how much I've lost, but... I'll be fine. I'm sure. I'd spend this time looking over old stories and poems I've written but... That's not really an option.

So I guess I'll write one.

"o young creature,
with your shell so dark,
do not cover your features,
do not hide your spark!

in these tunnels you call home,
divided with these rifts,
hiding among piles of bones,
please don't spurn your gifts!

unsheath claws of gold,
climb out of your cavern,
go forth and be bold!
lay ruin to their taverns!

these humans build towns,
closed in with walls like mazes,
ruled by cruel dictators in crowns,
we shall leave them with blazes!

we'll get our vengance,
as we were trampled and left to go nowhere,
force them to pay their penance,
tonight we take over!"

... Wow, I'm either out of practice or just that damn tired. God, why am I posting this..? Oh yeah. Nothing better to do, at all. Fuck fires.

Starting the Investigation. (Blurred Line)

Well... I've taken a few hours and probably made my family think I was even odder than before (And considering I had/have a stint of roleplaying an teenage horned alien girl with blue blood, eight eyes, and an odd fascin8-- Er, fascination with being the best and also being a pirate... That's surprising). But on the plus-side, I think I've found a few resources. Forums, Wikis.. One or two survival tip blogs..

Seems this shit is deeper than I thought, but... I don't think I want to believe Stretch Armstrong (protip: i am not talking about the actual stretch armstrong) exists. Not yet. The fire could've just been a coincidence, and hell, explanations for how it all happened still aren't clear. But... Eh..

If there was actually anything notable, something that would link Him to the fire, well... I'd have seen it when I went to survey the damage, right?


Dinner (Gain Bearings)

News from folks, headed to a hotel for a few days, gonna go to school again in a day or two.

Looking further into Mr. Stretchy. Gonna try talking to people online, find some answers.  Got an avatar too, so I have a face...

If anyone is reading... Comments are welcome. Anything I should know before I start messing around, some kinda... Slendy Survival Guide, would be fantastic.

Connections...? (Grasping at Signs)

I'm at my grandmother's place now, family's trying to get some things settled since we're kinda uh... homeless now. But enough about that, I've time to make a post or two.

Been thinking about yesterday. I never expected the fire to happen, but... Now that I play through the day, some shit seems to have pointed to... Something, maybe.

Started the day watching a few of Jay's entries.. creepy, but not too out-of-place.. But the sudden audio and visual distortions during morning announcements weren't expected. Don't think we found out what caused them. And well... Knowing that a friend and I made a joke that ol' Slendy was about makes me a little anxious.

In my Engineering class there were red Xs on paper over a few computers. I got this... compulsion to make circles around them, like a face.. For a moment, I thought I saw one already made, but.. Urgh.

All this couldn't be... Could it..?

Start Up. (Burnout)

...Funny how shit will motivate people. Guess it's kinda like life.

Yesterday, at about noon... The building my family's apartment was in lit up. And lit up hard. I found out afterschool, saw it about an hour later. Everything looks burnt, and we were on the top floor, so... No way to get in and look for salvage, at least not yet.

What amazes me though, is how it started. Seems the family downstairs was trying to make eggrolls, then... Forgot maybe? Either way, kitchen lit up. At the one time a fire could've spread, when the fire extinguishers around didn't have enough water..

It's too much of a coincidence. I'm not saying it was rigged to happen, but considering my dreams lately, the hallucinations that day, and how recently I looked into the... Slenderman Mythos, I guess it'd be called..

I them no it's about time I actually use this blog. Distracts from the whole "everything's gone" deal, and maybe... If that nibbling suspicion in the back of my mind is right...

I can post anything I find. Name's Locked. See ya around.
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