Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Connections...? (Grasping at Signs)

I'm at my grandmother's place now, family's trying to get some things settled since we're kinda uh... homeless now. But enough about that, I've time to make a post or two.

Been thinking about yesterday. I never expected the fire to happen, but... Now that I play through the day, some shit seems to have pointed to... Something, maybe.

Started the day watching a few of Jay's entries.. creepy, but not too out-of-place.. But the sudden audio and visual distortions during morning announcements weren't expected. Don't think we found out what caused them. And well... Knowing that a friend and I made a joke that ol' Slendy was about makes me a little anxious.

In my Engineering class there were red Xs on paper over a few computers. I got this... compulsion to make circles around them, like a face.. For a moment, I thought I saw one already made, but.. Urgh.

All this couldn't be... Could it..?

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