Thursday, April 21, 2011

Going in. (Hotel)

Well, two things of note here. First, Sister's saying she hasn't seen anything odd, but has been dreaming of freaky shit and silent forests since the fire. Seems a few of her friends saw something tall and oddly proportioned at recess the day of the fire.

Second, the hotel's pretty nice, comfy bed, and on the third floor too! Far too many damn trees though. I mean goddamn, woods right across the street. But past that, nothing too alarmi...

Oh son of a BITCH, mystery-messenger sent something else. It's not even notable, just says "to the" over and over. So... I guess thus far the message is "Welcome to the..."

Wonder what it'll say.

... In before the doors bleed, an alien vagina face-fucks me and old Firetruck-limbs does a frisky jig as everything flip-turns upside down and I'm suddenly in Silent fucking Hill except the fog consists of syrup.

Also, Daleks instead of Pyramid Head because why not?


  1. "Seems a few of her friends saw something tall and oddly proportioned at recess the day of the fire."

    Yeah, I would totally keep an eye on her :( Just in case.

    And I have a couple guesses as to what the third message will say. I just hope I'm wrong. For a couple reasons.

    Daleks are awesome btw. Just sayin'. I bet they can beat Pyramid Head anyways, hands down :P

    In fact, if Pyramid Head shows up, just employ a Dalek. Odds are you'll be safe for the night ^_^ (that is until it decides to EXTERMINATE you. Then you're fucked D: )

  2. Yeah, lucky for me she's sick, so I can keep an eye on her for a bit.

    God, I wish I could throw a few Daleks at Our Long Friend.

    And what are you thinking thus far, Steph?

  3. Hope she feels better. Being sick is never fun.

    And yeah, that sort of thing would be great, wouldn't it XD

    I don't know, something tells me the next message will be a shitload of "ARK"s.

    Really don't know why :/

  4. Suggestions:

    1. Doors locked at all times.

    2. Keep an eye on your sister. But that's obvious.

    3. Keep an eye out for your "mystery messenger". They had to have gotten your number somehow(assuming its not someone you already know.) But before we get to that, you may want to try and draft a list of possible candidates/people who already have your number or could have gotten from someone you know.

    Also: How old is your sister? Sounds like shes around elementary school age. The dreams could be related to trauma from the fire, but having her keep a dream journal would help in either case.

  5. Hrm... Now I'm regretting putting my number on Facebook a while back. So that'll be a pain to figure out...

    I'll be doing that and more, Ms. And my sister's 11.

  6. Sounds like your sister is the one haunted and you're caught in the periphery, unless they want you too, and just caught her first. I second, third, fourth the idea of keeping an eye on her and maybe casually re-enforce not talking to strangers.

    But keep an eye on yourself too. If you're experiencing things now, you're at least sensitive to this type of phenomena... and SM gobbles up the psychically sensitive like candy.