Wednesday, April 20, 2011

...A poem. (Comfort)

...Can't seem to get to sleep tonight, might have something to do with the fact I'm not really in a bed as I type this. Starting to remember just how much I've lost, but... I'll be fine. I'm sure. I'd spend this time looking over old stories and poems I've written but... That's not really an option.

So I guess I'll write one.

"o young creature,
with your shell so dark,
do not cover your features,
do not hide your spark!

in these tunnels you call home,
divided with these rifts,
hiding among piles of bones,
please don't spurn your gifts!

unsheath claws of gold,
climb out of your cavern,
go forth and be bold!
lay ruin to their taverns!

these humans build towns,
closed in with walls like mazes,
ruled by cruel dictators in crowns,
we shall leave them with blazes!

we'll get our vengance,
as we were trampled and left to go nowhere,
force them to pay their penance,
tonight we take over!"

... Wow, I'm either out of practice or just that damn tired. God, why am I posting this..? Oh yeah. Nothing better to do, at all. Fuck fires.

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