Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Start Up. (Burnout)

...Funny how shit will motivate people. Guess it's kinda like life.

Yesterday, at about noon... The building my family's apartment was in lit up. And lit up hard. I found out afterschool, saw it about an hour later. Everything looks burnt, and we were on the top floor, so... No way to get in and look for salvage, at least not yet.

What amazes me though, is how it started. Seems the family downstairs was trying to make eggrolls, then... Forgot maybe? Either way, kitchen lit up. At the one time a fire could've spread, when the fire extinguishers around didn't have enough water..

It's too much of a coincidence. I'm not saying it was rigged to happen, but considering my dreams lately, the hallucinations that day, and how recently I looked into the... Slenderman Mythos, I guess it'd be called..

I them no it's about time I actually use this blog. Distracts from the whole "everything's gone" deal, and maybe... If that nibbling suspicion in the back of my mind is right...

I can post anything I find. Name's Locked. See ya around.
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