Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Starting the Investigation. (Blurred Line)

Well... I've taken a few hours and probably made my family think I was even odder than before (And considering I had/have a stint of roleplaying an teenage horned alien girl with blue blood, eight eyes, and an odd fascin8-- Er, fascination with being the best and also being a pirate... That's surprising). But on the plus-side, I think I've found a few resources. Forums, Wikis.. One or two survival tip blogs..

Seems this shit is deeper than I thought, but... I don't think I want to believe Stretch Armstrong (protip: i am not talking about the actual stretch armstrong) exists. Not yet. The fire could've just been a coincidence, and hell, explanations for how it all happened still aren't clear. But... Eh..

If there was actually anything notable, something that would link Him to the fire, well... I'd have seen it when I went to survey the damage, right?



  1. It sounds like your jumping to conclusions to find a definite answer to the fire, since there wasn't really one to begin with.

    But all in all, you'll better off if you stop looking for clues that aren't there. It will not help you recover.

  2. Well to be fair, I don't even care about the whole deal, I mean I've just lost some replacable shit, no biggie.

    But... All the signs are making me curious. Maybe too curious.

  3. Well if you do happen to dig anything up, do keep us posted.

    But I'm just warning you now: the mind can do strange things, make you see or hear things, when you want to believe. No matter how slight this belief may seem to you.

    Its good to take precautions, but you don't want to go as far as paint the target sign.

    Stay safe and good luck

  4. I'll keep that one in mind, be sure.

  5. Er, SM has been linked to fire. In the Marble Hornets series and elsewhere.