Thursday, April 21, 2011

Surveying the land (Belief)

Took a bit of time to slink away and take a breather. One can only be distant and quiet in one place for so long, you know?

I've been walking around for maybe twenty minutes now, and well...

Nothing notable. No symbols, no creepy fog, nothing. And my little feeling earlier was just that, a feeling. I fell asleep, didn't dream, and awoke. Starting to think I'm just...

Well, going crazy. Like Charlie Sheen, except I'm hopped up on horror stories and nightmare fuel and not, you know, ludicrous amounts of undefined drugs. And tiger blood.

I even checked my phone for those texts, but... Not there. Gone.

I know plenty of people have seen this stuff, and there's visual proof... That I at least hope is real.. And yet..

Starting to doubt if I'm in my right mind. I could just be seeing things I want to see... And I'm lacking what little hint to something else I had, so...

Figure I'll sleep on it or something.

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  1. It's been a long while since you last posted... Just checking in on you.